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Pencil Rebel is the awards winning handcrafted advenure flash game build in 99% from recycled materials. A Adobe flash based interactive experience. Have fun! Send your feedback.

Short Introduction

This adventure flash game is a successful project which has been featured on a large list of publications and websites, including Disney, recognized by Flash in The Can, Webby Award and FWA.

Realisation took about 450 working hours durring period from June 2007 to April 2008. Thanks for help of Patrycja Hojna, Marpi and others.

Tools: pencils, scalpels, hot glue and cardboard. For the transformation into Digital a Nikon D50, Photoshop and Flash were used. Thank you for your interest and hundreds of emails.


Pencil Rebel Awards - Yorkshire Digital Award, Webby Honoree, FITC, FWA, Channel 4, May 1st reboot, Golden Joystick, Computer Arts, .NET, Media Temple, Net Diver